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5150 mm Jagenberg Vari-Dur 55-21 Slitter Rewinder

Manufacturer: Jagenberg
Year of made: 1989
Type: Vari Dur 55-21
Working width: 5150 mm
Carrier drum face length: 5250 mm x Ø 597 mm, max trimmed 5080 mm
Max speed: 1800 m/min
Rewind: min 500 mm; max 1530 mm
Minimum cutting width: 200 mm
Main drive: ABB; 2 x 200 Kw; 900-1, Ostermannn gearbox
Slitting station: 9 slitting stations, pair of pneumatic driven rotating disc knives
Paper grades: 90 to 220 gr/m2 (operated – wider range possible)
Presently used core: 120 mm outer Ø
Max core Ø: 350 mm
Unwind stand: Bellmer equal unwinder, year 2006
Max unwind Ø: 3500 mm
Max tonnage: 35 tons
Brake operator unwind: ABB, 744-1, 315 Kw
Full set of technical documentation available
Machine in excellent conditions, erected, in operation until May 2013
Immediately available, subject to prior sale
Inspection possible at any time