Used Slitter & Converting Machinery

1 Restatic 1800 mm, 2000/1800 Slitter Rewinder, 1500 m/ mn speed, of y.o.m. 2006 ! –

Useed Restatic 180 mm width slitter rewinder of Year of manufacturing. 2006, with speed 1500m/ mn

– Unwinding
Centre unwinding, shaftless with pneumatic chucks
Unwinding, chucks and brake motors "moves" on linear guides .

– Winding
Centre winding on air expanding spindle.

– Working width
400 – 1800 mm, without adapter

– Unwinding
Roll diameter max: ø2000 mm
Chucks for cores diameter : ø70 – ø76 and ø150 mm
The distance between chucks when loading 1950 mm
Roll weight max : 3000 kg

– Winding
Roll diameter max: ø2000 mm
A spindle for each core diameter : Ø76,4 and Ø100mm
Roll weight max: Adapted to the core diameter and cutting width to a maximum of 2500 kg

– Length cutting
Over-/under Knives, 24 pcs knife holders, DIENES
cutter diameter Ø130 mm. Cutting Width min 50 mm (depending on the spindle dimension and roll diameter).
Under knife shaft ø100 mm
AC motor 4kW SIEMENS with vector frequency control 5.5 kW SIEMENS for under knives shaft.
Replacing the knives without disassembling the knife shaft
Removing the knife carts without removing the rail guide

– Knife settings
Semi – automatic from the OP panel.
Control with servo motor SIEMENS
Position accuracy ± 0.2 mm

– Machine speed
1500 m / minute.

– Tension
Max 2750 N at 1000 m / min and Ø1300 mm winding

– Web edge control
Hydraulically controlled ± 50 mm at maximum web width VICKERS

– Power equipment winding
AC motor power 58 kW with temperature probe
Vector Frequency Control
75 kW, 400V, SIEMENS

– Brakes
2 x 31kW AC motors with vector frequency control SIEMENS

– Web cleaning
Suction head ø100 mm with antistatic systems for cutting, RESTATIC. Fan not included.

– Edge trimming
Nozzles for edge trimmings.

– Stretch roll
Steel jacketed Ø130 mm, STOWE
Control with servo motor, SIEMENS

– Roll loading and unloading
Hydraulic operated. Min diameter 550 mm (without leveling )

– Spindle reject of finished roll sets
Hydraulic operation where the spindle "goes" on linear guides .

– Press roll
Pneumatic operated with adjustable air pressure.

– Web tension control
Electronic equipment that regulate web tension .
Adjustable waning web tension as the diameter increases at winding, sensing with load cells , MONTALVO.

– Ejector
Pneumatic ejectors for finished rolls .

– Electrical connection
3 x 400 V – 50 Hz, 300 A.

– Pneumatic connection
0.7 MPa, 20 lpm

– Electrical equipment
Free standing floor mounted console, RITTAL.
PLC, SIEMENS S7 317 type of sequence, length measurement, diameter measurement of and reeling, speed, web break guard. Operator panel MP 270.

– Dimensions
Length 3600 mm Height 2170 mm
Width 6350 mm Weight approx. 9500 kg

– Other
Hydraulic cylinders and air cylinders, Mecman
Hydraulic power units, hydraulic valves, VICKERS
Hydraulic filter PALL
Clip strip for holding the web at unwinding and before cutting
Sensor for edge adjustment
Speed monitoring
Safety photocells JOKAB
Paper web threading with compressed air.
Double command
Manuals 2 pcs. and CD 1 pc.
CE marked.